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Suppose, there are different loads which weigh from low to high and they need to be lifted and transported. Then, it would be easy for lifting small weighs, but what about heavy loads? Then, Electric Wire Rope Hoist will be helpful in doing such tasks. Electric Wire Rope Hoist is available in various models and each model has certain uniqueness. Raw materials, including Ms Sheets, breaks, I beam, motors and many more are used in manufacturing Electric Wire Rope Hoist. This can be manufactured on the basis of a clients’ requirement. This is widely used in many areas which would help in reducing the physical work done by the mankind.

This is used in Engineering, in industries and in almost every field. Electric Wire Rope Hoist is durable and highly efficient. It is very easy to operate this tool. Initially, it would be a bit confusing, but once you get handy on this, it would be very easy to operate. It is Corrosion resistant and is the important and most needed feature of Electric Wire Rope Hoist. It is also strong and steady as expected, the reason for the same being, the purpose for which it is used. It is used in lifting and transporting heavy weights rather than normal weights. Crab Hoists, Farness Duty Hoists and Electric Chain Hoists are some of the best models of Electric Wire Rope Hoist. Another model like Frame Proof Hoists is one of the unique models of Electric Wire Rope Hoist.

Salient Features of Electric Wire Rope Hoist:

It includes,

Squirrel Cage Crane Induction Motor with 50% CDF per hour

Gear Boxes are Single, Helical

Control Panel in this rope hoist is free from the troubles of fittings, transformers and fuses and can be replaced by roller type snap action in Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Trolley can be adjustable based on I-beam size that is one of the raw materials used in the manufacturing.

It helps in minimizing the losses and increases the efficiency that is needed in every request.

Gears of this Electric Wire Rope Hoist assure very straight operation by their movement and also by handling the heat. Limit gauges are used to test the machined parts.

All High-speed rotational parts are provided with the anti-frictional bearings.

Every part of Electric Wire Rope Hoist is easily accessible, and the maintenance is very easy.

Minimum number of parts requires maintenance.

Inspection procedures are being followed which make Electric Wire Rope Hoist free from faults. This is very easy to use and handle.

It is also available with Manual type of gear and is available with the trolley as well.

We are Manufacture of Electric Wire Rope Hoist that is available in several models. Our Hoist is developed using optimum quality raw material such as MS Sheets, MS angles, I beam, motors, brakes etc. These are hugely demanded in machine shop, engineering industry and foundry and can be customized as per the requirement of clients.

Features :

Corrosion resistance.

High efficiency.


Easy to operate


Electrical Wire Rope Hoist Available Models:

Electric Chain Hoists.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Crab Hoists

Frame Proof Hoists

Farness Duty Hoists

Any Specify Hoists.

Frame Proof Hoists

Farness Duty Hoists

Any Specify Hoists.



TEFC Foot cum Flange Mounted Squirrel Cage Crane Duty Induction Electric Motor S4 Duty 150 Starts Per Hour 40% CDF.

Gear Boxes

Single Helical Splash Lubricated CI/MS Fabricated Housing Triple/Quadnple Stage Reduction Bale/Roler Bearing Mounting Crane.


MS Seamless Pipe Fabricated With Plate Single Grooved Fine Machined with guide Nut For Proper Laying of wire rope.

Control Panel:

Contractors step down Transformers H.R.C. fuses, Transformers, fittings, will be provided in Control Panel. Limit Switches snap action roller type Providing in Main Hoisting.

Trolley :

Available in Geared Manual type, Motorised, Adjustable as per I beam size


Available Electric wire rope hoist

Available Electric crab hoist for double girder cranes

Available Hoist for curvature beams

Available Chain hoists

Flame proof hoist

High lift hoist

Any specified hoist for various applications



These are designed for high speed operation to increase productivity.Precision workmanship of all components minimises losses and increases efficiency.


Smooth operation is ensured by gears having precision machine cut teeth subjected to heat treatment. Hoists are provided with antifrictional bearings on all high speed rotating parts.Machined component parts are checked by limit gauges.


All parts of the Hoists requiring maintenance are made easily accessible. Number of parts requiring frequent maintenance is kept minimum. Wearing parts can be easily removed and replaced thus reducing down time.


Stern inspection procedures at all stages of manufacture ensure unfailing dependability.



Hoists are designed for all classes of application as per IS-3938. Standard Design is for Class II.


Hoist is assembled from different independent units viz. Hoisting Gear Box, Hoisting Motor with brake, Rope Drum, Electric Control Panel and Travelling Trolley. All these units are separately accessible and promptly disassembled to simplify repairs, reduce maintenance cost and downtime.


M.S. Plates are fastened with number studs to withstand the load of the different independent units attached to it.


Hoisting rope comply with the Indian standards Is:2266. The factor of safety, on the nominal breaking strength of the rope is six.


Grooved Drum, Seamless Pipe of adequate length to be wounded in one/two layer and to provide proper support for the rope to minimise abrasive wear is provided. Drum Shaft revolves on self aligned roller Bearings for ensuring smooth running.


Rope Guide is in two halves, ensuring easy accessibility. It encircles the Drum completely so that the rope may not uncoil even when the Hoist is in unloaded condition.


Motor are of Squirrel Cage, 40% CDF rating in class B insulation as per IS-325-1970, The unit is an IP 54 dust and damp proof enclosure, flange-mounted to the main frame of the Hoist. When creep speeds are required same is achieved by way of DC Clutch manufactered by NGEF/ Bharat BIJLEE/ GEC/ CROMTON/ own make. Hoist Motor is an HTSC parallel rotor machine. Specially rated for Hoist


Hoist Gear Box has specially treated gears for high wear resistance. Each Geared Shaft assembly is supported on bailor roller bearings, to ensure smooth, low-friction operation, the gear trains are greese lubricated. Also oil immersed Gear Box can be provided on request.


Electromagnetic Fail-safe type brake mounted externally on the rear end of the Hoisting Motor ensuring easily accessibility.


The Hook Block is tested to 150% of full load before assembly. The rope sheaves are fully guarded with protective steel castings. All sheaves rotate on Ball Bearings.


It consists of M.S. Plates forming side frame assembled with Runner-Wheels. Runner Wheels are mounted on Double sealed Ball Bearings. Trolley is adjustable for various I Beam sizes


A Limite Switch is built in as one of many safety features preventing accidental over-hoisting and over lowering of the hook block. The trip positions are adjustable to allow correct setting for installation.


Controls are mechanically and electrically interlocked to prevent inadvertent operation of opposite motions and are all housed in an IP 54 dust and damp proof enclosure. A low voltage control system of 110 Volts. Minimises electrical hazards for the operator.


A Guarantee is provided for the repair and replacement, which proves defective material or workmanship within one year of the sale on Ex. Works Basis. However electrical appliances are not covered in this guarantee. Every BHT Hoist is tested on 125% of its safe working load, before despatch and is issued with a Test Certificate.

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