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Manual Jib Crane serves as the most easiest and economic solution for carrying out your lifting and lowering problems. Space utilization issues are also looked over when choosing a Manual Jib Crane.The basic difference is based on the capacity your Manual Jib Crane can handle. Variations are based on several criterions a choosing the one which will closely suite the purpose is an important task. Manual Jib Crane is ideal for general purpose loading, transferring and handling jobs. These are usually suitable for both outdoor and indoor services. It is a basic requirement in most of the Motor Garages as well as Machine shops for loading and unloading of Engines and other materials from the Vehicles. Many producers are available in the market and looking out for the ones who can produce good quality of products is important.

Features ::

Top bearing – look for top bearings that can provide you with 10,000 hours average life that are checked by sealing in weather and dust proof steel housing attached with pressure grease fitting. Collector rings must enable continuous, uninterrupted 360º rotation. Air swivel rotation must also be looked for as an important feature. In order to reduce deflection structural construction and rigid reinforced steel plate head must be preferred.

Boom leveling must be in a way so as to provide accurate adjustment during requirements for load deflection. wear ring are almost standard for all series manual jib crane .motorized rigid support must be provided by the base plate that is connected to heavy wall column. Lower rollers that can provide precision heavy duty bearings must be chosen.

Specifications: :

Overall height: Variations from 2700 to 300 are available in general.

Length: General specification from about 1500 to 2000

Width: About 1000 to 1500

Wheel diameters are also variable based on size and capacity. Capacity variation ranges from about 500 kg to 5 tonne. An electric chain hoist is also yet another type available and has a capacity of up to 3 tonne. Changes in size and speed of hoisting varying from 550 to 575 and 5 to 2.5 respectively.

Look out for :

ISO certification for different parts of the crane especially for the jib.

A long enough warranty period and guarantee given by the manufacturing company to ensure deliver of good product.

High capacity in the crane. The general range is between 500 kg to 5 tonne.

Space utilization consideration is important depending on how much space your work place can separate for the Manual Jib Crane.

Long life of bearings is important for good performance and fewer faults found in the machine.

Adjustable bottom roller assembly to set them as per individual requirement.

A strong base plate ensures a comfortable operation.

Application :

A manual mobile Material Handling Machine suitable for Indoor and Outdoor services. It is the basic requirment in all the Motor Garages and Machine shope for loading and unloading of the Engines and materials from the Vehicles.

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