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An overhead HOT crane is a type of crane usually seen in factories that have shifting and lifting of huge material to do. They are not like cranes used on mobile or construction sites but mainly for work related to manufacturing or maintenance applications. Such cranes are usually used in the process of refining steel and other metals like aluminum and copper. From the first step of the manufacturing process till the end, when the end product leaves the factory, metal is only handled by an overhead HOT crane.

It is important that these overhead HOT cranes are manufactured using the high-grade quality materials only, making them more durable and resistant for us. The main purpose of overhead HOT cranes is lifting and shifting heavyweight materials from one place to another easily. Moreover, for the benefit of the client, these cranes are available in various sizes, capacities and technical specifications as per their application requirements.

Overhead HOT cranes for manufacturers can be a great investment as they are necessary and expensive, and the cost cannot be avoided. Therefore, before deciding the seller of these cranes it’s important to note that the cranes should be of high efficiency, long working life, easy assembling and most importantly cost efficient. The advantage of HOT cranes is that these cranes are robust, have a high tensile strength and an optimum tolerance level.

Advantages of using an overhead HOT crane:

Parts that are prone to wearing can be removed and replaced easily

Box type construction for bridge girders that are easily movable

Tapered plate design that join the girders and end carriages.

Minimum parts, requiring frequent but low maintenance

Machined components are checked by limit gauge

Easy maintenance due to accessible parts

Safe operation of the machines

Flawless and efficient performance

Ensures fast and smooth production to take place

Ensures complete safety of the loads

Helps to divide the workforce

Designed for comfort

Gantry cranes were first developed in Germany. They are commonly used owing to the flexibility and safety, they offer. Gantry Cranes are available in a lot of variants. Some are fixed whereas some are adjustable. Below mentioned are a few variants of Gantry Cranes

A variety of HOT cranes is manufactured including HOT cranes with main and auxiliary hoists and Double girders HOT cranes

Taking client demands into considerations, theses cranes have been divided according to the work requirements:

Class I: These are light duty cranes having low maintenance that have inconsistent use.

Class II: These are medium duty cranes, which provide coverage for major lifting applications in industries like processing lands, workshops, foundries, ware-houses.

Class III: These heavy duty cranes that are manufactured for production shops, workshops, etc.

Class IV: These are extra heavy duty devices having huge ranges of application in steel industry, storage houses and in some other selected industries as well.

silent feature :

Forum Hoists HOT cranes are the finest solution for overhead lifting requirements. Our hand operated Overhead Traveling cranes come in both single girder and double girder models.

Some of the unique features of Overhead EOT Cranes include:

Great durability

High performance


Special Seals

Corrosion resistance

Easy maintenance

We manufacture different kinds of HOT cranes including Double girders HOT cranes, HOT cranes with main and auxilliary hoists, Under slung cranes, Single girder HOT cranes, H.O.T/ E.O.T. CRAB, etc. Different class level cranes are also manufactured upon customized requests by customers.

Summary :

Forum Hoists is a reputed and established engineering group manufacturing superb quality overhead lifting solutions since inception. Made of best quality raw materials, our HOT crane devices feature international manufacturing standards. Unmatched quality is ensured with out state-of-the-art equipments. Low maintenance is required and our cranes last for long span of time.

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